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Welcome to Bakefile

Bakefile is cross-platform, cross-compiler native makefiles and projects generator.

The tool takes compiler-independent description of build tasks as its input and generates native makefile(s) (GNU make makefile, Visual C++ project etc.) from it. Bakefile's task is to generate native makefiles, so that people can keep using their favorite tools, without depending on or requiring any additional non-standard tools.

Supported Formats

Bakefile 1.x is still work in progress. Currently, the following target formats are supported:

(Additional formats are supported by the legacy version.)

Get Bakefile

Bakefile development is hosted at GitHub; packaged releases can be downloaded from there, although it is recommended to use the latest master branch sources at this stage.

Bakefile documentation is hosted by Read the Docs.

0.2 Version (Legacy)

The current version is incompatible with the previous iteration, the 0.2 series; they differ in the input language, supported output formats and features. The 0.2 series is no longer under development, but it is still used by some projects and is preserved here for their use.

Download legacy binaries and sources (version
Legacy git branch
Documentation for Bakefile 0.2