bakefilize — prepare Bakefile project for use with Autoconf


bakefilize [ --copy ] [ --dry-run ] [ --force ] [ --verbose ] [ --help ]


For the "autoconf" format, Bakefile creates files that depend on the availability of common pieces of a GNU build system. (config.guess, install-sh, etc.) These tools are part of Automake, which can copy these files into a project's directory during processing. bakefilize effectively replaces the automake --add-missing feature.

It is standard practice in Autoconf-based projects to provide a "bootstrap" script (commonly called either bootstrap or to run commands like autoconf with the proper flags and in the proper order. You should run bakefilize in that script, at some point before the configure script runs.

Command Line Options

-c, --copy

Copy the files from the Automake directory, rather than the default behavior of making symbolic links.

-n, --dry-run

Only show the commands that would be executed.

-f, --force

Replace all existing files, instead of only adding missing files.

-v, --verbose

Show debugging messages.


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